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Bicyclelight - The new bike lights portfolio from ANYU brings an efficient series of bicycle lighting to the market. The three bicycle front lights and a rear light are StVZO-approved and feature battery or rechargeable battery operation – this means a dynamo is no longer needed.

The LED bicycle lights are highly efficient, durable and ensure improved visibility and conspicuousness on the road. Thanks to modern LED technology the lamps are also insensitive to external effects, such as knocks and vibrations.

ANYU offers LEDsBIKE in four different designs, the rechargeable battery bike lights are ideal for a wide range of applications, from touring to urban cycling.

LEDsBIKE bike lights portfolio at a glance

  • FX70: One of the highest-performance and lightest LED bike lights on the market with integrated daytime running light – for dedicated and adventurous cyclists.
  • FX35: An extremely compact, lightweight LED bicycle light with three brightness levels, enabling simple transitions between urban and country routes as well as between times of day
  • FX10: A multi-functional bicycle light, also ideal as a flashlight if needed
  • RX2: LED rear light providing visibility from long distances